Program Details

Participating in the WinField Rewards Program is simple. You earn points for every dollar spent with WinField on qualifying product. You’ll receive quarterly updates with your current point totals so you can keep track along the way. Points are redeemed annually and awards are divided into three categories. With more than 10 awards to choose from in each category, there’s something for every interest from personal gifts to professional tools.

Throughout the year, WinField will provide bonus point opportunities and special savings exclusive to the WinField Rewards Program participants – so make sure you take full advantage of this premier program.

How to Redeem Points

  1. WinField will track participant's purchases for the full calendar year and automatically add points into the system.
  2. Participants will receive quarterly updates with point totals via email.
  3. Points are accumulated and redeemed annually. Points will not roll over year-to-year.
  4. End–of–year point totals will be delivered by January 31 of the subsequent year.
  5. Participants will work with their WinField representatives to select their award.
  6. All award orders must be placed by February 28 of the subsequent year.

Award Levels

LevelPoints to Qualify
Platinum 1,000,000
Gold 750,000
Silver 450,000
Bronze 250,000

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